Omni Tech Support, Windows 7 Tips & Tricks: Updating Drivers in Windows 7

Update the system drivers in your Windows 7 computer and keep it free from issues. Omnitech support team shows you how to do that in this video tutorial. Check it out.

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Steps To Configure Windows Live Mail With A Yahoo Account

Windows Live Support

Windows Email Program

Windows Live Mail is an email application from the software giant Microsoft, which comes with the program Windows Live Essentials. According to Windows Live Support, you may use your Windows Live Mail program to access different internet email accounts. In this post, we will find out how to add Yahoo email account in Windows Live Mail.

Steps Involved

  • Open the Start menu and select the option All Programs.
  • From the menu for All Programs, locate and place the mouse over Windows Live Essentials.
  • Choose the option Windows Live Mail from the menu that opens to the right of the All Programs menu.
  • Once Windows Live Mail comes up, select the button Add e-mail account.
  • In the field for E-mail address, type your complete Yahoo email address.
  • In the field for Password, enter the corresponding password of your Yahoo email.
  • If you do not want others to access your email account through Windows Live Mail, remove the check mark from the option Remember Password. With this, you will have to enter the password for your Yahoo email each time you launch the program.
  • In the field for Display Name, give any name that you wish to be displayed on the recipient’s window.
  • Mark the option Manually configure server settings for e-mail account and choose the button Next.
  • For the Incoming POP Server, enter the server as and the port number as 995. Choose SSL for the incoming server.
  • For Outgoing Mail Server, type the server and in the field for port number enter either 587 or 465. Choose SSL for the outgoing server and Yes for the option Requires authentication.
  • Choose option Clear text authentication in the option Log on using.

    Email Application

    Windows Live Email Configuration

  • Mark the option My outgoing server requires authentication and choose the button Next.
  • With the above steps, you will receive the message, You have successfully entered in the information required to set up your account.
  • Choose the option Set this account as the default mail account.
  • Select the button Finish.

Launch Windows Live Mail again. You will find that mails would be downloaded from the Yahoo servers to your account. If you have large number of emails in the Yahoo account, it could take several minutes for the download to finish. For further assistance on this email setup, you may contact Windows Live support or our technical support team for assistance.

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Get Windows 8 From Microsoft Store

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Upgrade To Windows 8

With the support for Windows XP operating over since April, many computer users were left with an operating system that has no support from Microsoft. If you are one among them, then you will be wondering how to upgrade to Windows 8 or some other new Windows operating systems. It is easy, you just have to visit the online Windows Store and purchase a Windows 8 product key license, or visit the Microsoft Store that is near your locality and purchase one. The best thing about Windows 8 is that since it is built on the solid foundation of Windows 7 operating system, it is very less susceptible to security issues.

Apart from sharing some features with Windows 7, Windows 8 has many new features embedded with it. Most of the benchmarking sites have found that Windows 8 is faster and more secure than Windows 7 operating system. One of the main differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8 is that the Windows 7 uses an icon based desktop user interface, and Windows 8 has a tile based Metro user interface. Even though the user interface and Start screen were the main highlights of the operating system, many Windows XP users found it hard to navigate through the operating system because of the new design.

Upgrade To Windows 9

Windows 8 Upgrade

Many Windows XP users said that they never knew how to navigate in the new computer that is installed with Windows 8 operating system due to the weird design Microsoft has integrated in it. Many users stopped looking for how to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system when they learnt about the absence of the Start menu. However, there is no need to worry as Microsoft is planning to release a new operating system in to the market with all the features of Windows 7 operating system- Windows 9.

It is heard that the Windows 9 operating system is going to be a free upgrade for people with Windows 8 operating system, so upgrading to Windows 8 is not a bad thing after all. The advantage you have here is that you get to experiment with the Windows 8 operating system and its features for a while and when Microsoft releases Windows 9, you can upgrade to Windows 9 effortlessly.

If you are looking to upgrade your operating system, then it is recommended that you get Windows 8 from the official Windows Store.

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Finding The Best Support For Your Windows Operating System

Windows Live Support

Features Of Windows OS

Most of us use Windows operating systems on our computers. According to various studies, more than 90 percent of computers around the world have one of the Windows operating systems installed in them. This clearly shows the upper hand of Windows operating systems over its competitors.

As Windows operating systems have the largest number of users, you can also find more troubles with these operating systems. Fraudsters try to come up with mechanisms that help them to break into Windows systems. In addition, most of the computer viruses in the world target Windows operating systems and the programs in it. Therefore, your computer can encounter troubles at any point of time.

According to Windows live support, if you do not have much knowledge about troubleshooting various Windows issues, it is advised that you seek the help of a technical support firm when your computer starts to give you troubles. Some of the common troubles that could show up are malware issues, networking issues, troubles with hardware devices etc. So, how are these issues resolved?

If you are experiencing troubles with your operating system and if the operating system is within the scope of mainstream support from Windows, you may contact Windows live support for assistance. During the period of mainstream support, Microsoft offers free support for all operating system related issues. However, only Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems fall under the mainstream support. Among these operating systems, Windows 7 has just four months left for the end of mainstream support, as it ends by January 13, 2015. In case of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, you can receive free support from Microsoft until 2018.

Windows 8.1

Fix Windows Issues

Now, what will you do if you are running any of the operating systems that are not supported by Microsoft like Windows XP? One of the solutions is to contact any of the third party technical support firms in the market. Most of these firms still assist Windows XP customers on various technical issues. These companies employ technically skilled professionals to fix various issues associated with the computer.

When you choose a technical support firm, make sure they have the reputation of giving the best support to the customer. Most firms offer you various packages to choose from. It is also advisable to choose a firm that offers guarantee for their service. With this, you can ensure that you receive the best service.

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Upgrading To Windows 8 From Windows 7

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Features Of Windows 8

Microsoft released Windows 8 with dual interface and support for touch screen monitors. Now, if you wish to experience these features, then install Windows 8 on your computer today. If you are currently running Windows 7, you can keep all your files, applications and settings even after the upgrade to Windows 8. In this post, we will find out how to upgrade to Windows 8 from your existing Windows 7 OS.

Steps Involved

Before you install Windows 8 on your computer, you need to make sure that Windows 7 has all the latest updates installed in it. For this, follow the steps below.

  • Select the Start menu and click Programs.
  • Select the option Windows Update from the list of programs.
  • Choose the button Check for updates in the program.

With the above step, the program searches online for pending updates of Windows 7 for your computer. Once the search finishes, the pending updates are downloaded and installed in the computer. Once you finish installing the updates, you can start upgrading to Windows 8. Follow the steps below to upgrade to Windows 8. Keep in mind that you can upgrade to Windows 8 only from Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Ultimate operating systems. Therefore, first step is to make sure that you are running any of these versions in your computer. For this, open the Start menu and select Control Panel. Choose the option System and here you will find the version of Windows 7 installed in your computer.

  • Place the Windows 8 Installation disc in the DVD drive and restart the computer. The AutoPlay function should pop up. Here, choose Run setup.exe.
  • The above step will initiate the Windows 8 installation. However, you should enter the product key for the operating system in the required field when prompted.

    DVD Drive

    Windows 8 Installation

  • Select the option I accept the license terms.
  • Select the type of upgrade and choose the button Next.
  • With this, the program scans your computer and finds out whether it is ready for the upgrade. If there are any incompatible programs, you will receive a notification. Uninstall such programs and continue with the Windows 8 setup process.
  • Follow the simple on-screen commands to finish the setup.

With the above steps, you can upgrade your Windows 7 OS to Windows 8. If you have any queries on how to upgrade to Windows 8, you may contact our technical support team today.

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