InvisibleCRM Launches Integration Tool For Office 365 And Outlook 2013

About Microsoft Outlook

SalesDesktop For Outlook

InvisibleCRM announced their new SalesDesktop integration tool for the highly successful Office 365 service and Outlook 2013 recently. The product is aimed at integrating the benefits of CRM system into what is essentially the most popular application in an office environment – Microsoft Outlook.

There is not much that needs to be said about Microsoft Outlook. It is the most widely used productivity application in offices, and comes as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook allows you to access and manage email, contacts, task schedules, and even your whole work can be planned using basic expertise about Microsoft Outlook. When run with the Exchange server, which you will have to connect to for updating email, a copy of your emails is left on the server. With a fast connection, there is no limit to how much work you can finish using Outlook.

The prominent feature in SalesDesktop Enterprise edition is the option to search and find duplicates, and to remove them permanently. Data duplication is a major issue in many a workplace, so an integrated provision to prevent it is what SalesDesktop brings in. It mainly allows users monitor and maintain their CRM data from within Outlook application, without needing to switch applications for it.

If you know about Microsoft Outlook and how it works, you will know that it is not possible to watch and appraise customer interactions from a single place. That is exactly what SalesDesktop facilitates. In addition to that, it precludes a CRM strategy overhaul for each new sales team, which is another common concern.

Appraise Customer Interactions

Outlook Integration Tool

What most companies stand to gain from the use of this tool is control and understanding of the CRM practices and methods currently on hand. Not to mention how this relates to and bears on the business they do. Executives are offered a better view of the way the numbers crunch, and subsequently the chance to make better, faster decision for the company’s benefit becomes easy. This leads to better opportunities for growth with regard to overall revenue, and streamlines your company’s use of computers and other resources.

InvisibleCRM is quite an enterprise spearhead. It offers avenues for software companies to launch applications onto platforms that users most readily take to, and serves to increase uptake and performance. These aspects make it thego-to for best-in-class enterprise system integration, and automation of CRM data handling.

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Wordament For Android With Xbox Live Achievements

Windows Live Support

Microsoft Game Support

With the many releases from Microsoft, the latest one to be added to the list is the release of a popular game on Windows for the iOS platform. The game is called Wordament and is one of the most popular games in Windows 8 Phones; it is now also available on iPhone too. The Game Studio from Microsoft acquired the game and then later published the same. This was originally a side project for the Windows Live Employees, say our sources from the Windows live support desk.

Talking about the game, it is very interesting and innovative since it involves learning of new words. The word game was popular among Windows Phone users and is now setting its foot on iPhone. Now the game is available pretty much everywhere- Android phones, Windows and iPhones. The same way Wordament was available for iOS, the app that is available in Android will also have Windows Live support for Xbox Live Achievements. This is one of the features, solely available only for Xbox or Windows.

If you were familiar with the game, you would notice that it would work pretty much the same way it worked earlier. The user interface and the functions are similar to the functions and interface of Windows 8 and Windows phone. You would notice that it would be similar in the latest release. The only requirement while playing Wordament is that you need to sign in with your Xbox Live account to play the game and accomplish tasks. The next time you play the game Wordament, do not forget to sign in with the Xbox account and save all the achievements.

Windows 8 Phones

Windows Live Games

An updated version of Wordament is available for Windows Phone as well with many new features. Some of the features support the newer resolutions while some are native to the Windows 8 Phone. It is possible to login to Wordament with the help of Facebook login as well. This is an additional feature for people who find it easy and simple to manage their Facebook accounts better than the rest.

Wordament is a word puzzle game available in four different languages such as English, French, Spanish and Italian. With the recent releases and advancements, the game is now available in almost every platform right from Windows to iPhone and Android, and it originally was a game running only in Windows 8 Phones.

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Configuring Web-Based Email In Windows Live

Windows Live Support

Windows Live IMAP Setup

Although there is always the web-based option to check your email, many people prefer using a desktop client to do it. Windows Live Mail, successor to Outlook, is a popular choice these days, and it is very easy to use once you have finished configuring the mail setup in it. What you will need to know beforehand are your POP or IMAP server settings and port numbers. You can get that information from your webmail service provider, and you are set to begin.

Configuring Windows Live support

  • Switch on your PC and open the Windows Live Mail application, either from the Start menu or by clicking on the desktop shortcut icon.
  • Go to the Tools menu in the application, and click on the All Accounts option. Go to the navigation column, and select Add e-mail account.
  • Enter the correct, full details under the Email Address, Password, and Display Name fields, and put a check mark against Remember Password option – if you want the email client to remember your password. Click Next to continue.
  • Specify the Incoming POP or IMAP server you are going use, and fill in the details as follows:
  • For IMAP without SSL, enter the Incoming server Port as 143
  • For IMAP with SSL, set it as 993
  • For POP without SSL, enter 110, and for POP with SSL enter 995.
  • If the port you are using has SSL, then choose This server requires a secure connection (SSL) option.
  • When logging in, select the option to do so with clear text authentication. Type in your full email address next to Login ID.
  • Provide your Outgoing POP or IMAP server details in the required field, as collected from the ISP, and enter the following data:

    Configuring The Mail

    Windows Live Server Settings

  • For Outgoing server port without SSL, enter one of these values: 25, 80, 3535.
  • If it is with SSL, enter 465.
  • Select This server requires a secure connection (SSL) option as before, if applicable.
  • Click on the This server requires a secure connection (SSL) option. Confirm this by clicking Next, and then hit Finish to complete the task.

The above procedure shows how to set up your webmail account with Windows Live Mail client. As you can see, it is quite simple to follow through, but only if you have the information about servers and port numbers in hand. If you face issues while performing the steps mentioned here, call our Windows Live support team and we will help you out with whatever assistance you need.

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Troubleshooting Issues With Windows 8.1 Upgrade

How to upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8 Upgrade

Microsoft allows Windows 8 users to upgrade their PC to the latest OS Windows 8.1 for free. However, it has been reported lately that some users are facing issues while upgrading their PC to the new OS. The error message you would receive if the upgrade does not happen is Sorry. It looks like this PC can’t run Windows 8.1 or Can’t update to Windows 8.1. What could be behind this error? We look at some of the possible solutions to fix this unexpected error.

Causes of Windows 8.1 upgrade failure

When Windows 8 was released, Microsoft had opened a web page titled how to upgrade to Windows 8. Users could go to this page to find various methods to upgrade their PCs to the then latest operating system. A similar page has been launched to support users who want their Windows 8 PC to be upgraded to Windows 8.1. The page lists some of the causes of Windows 8.1 upgrade failures.

One possible cause for the issue is the Program Files folder or Users file folders getting redirected to a wrong partition. Before upgrading to the new OS, the Programs Files folder needs to be redirected to the partition that contains the files of the existing operating system. Usually, this is ‘C’ Drive. The problem occurs if the primary SSD size is smaller than the recommended size. When the drive size is smaller, the update files will be automatically redirected to an alternative drive. As a result, you end up getting the error message Can’t Upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Solution to the problem

If you come across a Windows 8.1 upgrade failure and think that the error has taken place in the above mentioned scenario, there is a possible fix. Work out the below steps to fix the error and continue to upgrade to Windows 8.1

Primary SSD

Windows 8 Upgrade Problems


  • Check whether you have the following paths- C:\Users folder and C:\Temp.
  • C:\ is assumed as the system root drive.
  • If the above paths are not there, go to the Windows Registry to create the above paths.
  • After that, try upgrading to Windows 8.1 again.

If the issue persists, get in touch with an expert or contact Windows 8 support via the toll free number. Following the above instructions, you would have fixed the Windows 8.1 upgrade error and upgraded your PC to the latest operating system. If you have any other concerns regarding how to upgrade to Windows 8, feel free to contact our tech support desk.

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Free Windows 9 Update For Windows 7 And Windows 8 Users

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Upgrade To Windows 8

Most of the Windows users tend not to use the OS upgrade option available on their computers. In fact, they do not opt to upgrade their version and generally use the same OS version disregarding the warnings and notifications shown. This is same with the Windows 8 users too. Even if the new upgrade for Windows 8 i.e. Windows 8.1 is available, most of the users still prefer using the same Windows 8 OS on their computers.

Microsoft has already announced the release of their new version of OS named Windows 9 in 2015 and it is expected that the tech giant will include numerous new features in the new version of this Microsoft OS. It was assumed that Microsoft would concentrate more on laptops and other portable devices, keeping the desktop PCs aside for the time being. In addition, some sources have started releasing speculations about the Windows 9 OS features, including its price.

In fact, reports coming from the ZDNet suggest that the tech giant is seriously considering making Windows 9 free not only for the users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 but also for the users of Windows 7. The fact that Windows 7 is still the most used operating system all around the world is not helping Microsoft to increase the sales of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Hence, Microsoft is desperately trying to push Windows 7 users to the latest versions. This is obvious from the fact that Microsoft has finally decided to provide a free upgrade from Windows 7 to latest versions.

Microsoft Tech Support

Windows 8 Upgrade

However, the actual pricing regarding the new Windows 9 OS is quite unclear but it is expected to be free of cost. Also, it is expected that the new Windows OS version will continue the same pricing range of the previous version, which is $199 for the pro version and $100 for the standard version. These prices will be offered only if the SKU remains the same and if it does not, the prices are bound to change dramatically.

More information regarding the Microsoft’s new version of OS will be out in the coming weeks, which will provide a clear insight about the plans of Microsoft. It is expected that Windows 9 will be entirely focusing on desktop users and the focus on Modern UI will be lesser.

If you are a Windows 7 user and need to know how to upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1, contact our Microsoft tech support desk. The best guidelines on how to upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1 can be obtained easily.

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