How To Change From Being The Default Web Search Provider In Firefox

How to remove ask toolbar

     How to remove ask toolbar

There are many useful and actually wonderful toolbars that can help you make the internet search experience far more convenient and extremely useful. Most of the times, these toolbars are helpful in providing the service or doing its regular functions. However, there are some toolbars, which can be irritating to the core. Ask toolbar, of is one such program. The problem is that though millions of people are using this search engine across the globe everyday, it has certain annoying qualities that leave much to be desired.

The problem is, if you make it your default search engine, it will then automatically be used when you click the “Search” button in Internet Explorer. This will also be automatically used to search in case you type something into the address bar and press “Enter.” This makes it quite annoying and irritating. You will of course get the urge to remove the Ask toolbar from your system altogether. This article will provide you much needed support regarding how to remove Ask toolbar.

However, after successfully removing the toolbar, sometimes Firefox users still report being redirected to search results, rather than being able to use the results from the search engine they intended to see. Here are the instructions on how to remove Ask toolbar.

The first thing you need to do is to go to the top of the Firefox window, and locate the search box at the right side. Then, you need to locate the triangular arrow pointing down, and click on it. After that, you can choose (by clicking on) the search engine that you want to set as default.

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       Steps to remove ask toolbar

In case following the above steps do not produce the results you want, you can choose “Manage Search Engines…” and then remove all search engines in the list except the one you wish to use. Then, at last, you just have to do a simple reset of Firefox. You can follow the below mentioned steps for that.


  • You need to initially hold down the “Shift” button and then while doing so, you can double click on the “Firefox” icon on your desktop or from your Start menu.
  • In case you have done it correctly, the “Firefox Safe Mode” box will then appear. You should not click on the “Safe Mode” option.
  • After that, click on “Reset” and then confirm on the next screen.

Performing these steps will help you reset the default search engine in Firefox. Contact our tech support center for any further assistance.

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